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on Friday, 24 January 2014. Posted in Jungle Jug News

Starting January 2014 we are putting water bottles to work for turtles. We have recently made a bottle that is being used to raise money to sponsor turtles.



How does this work?

Simple! Buy a Jungle Jug biodegradable water bottle, and we will donate a portion to sponsor a turtle. Together we can keep plastic bottles out of the oceans and raise money to sponsor turtles at the same time.

These bottles can be purchased here in Costa Rica at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery near the Liberia Airport, and Souvenir Store Sussy in Playas del Coco.

Do you want to help us help turtles?

Are you looking for ways to raise money for school programs, or your special project? Use biodegradable water bottles! They reduce waste, and will assist in your fund raising project as well.

Would you like some of the greenest water bottles on the market today? You can order them online from us, and we will ship them to your door.

Purchase a few bottles for yourself or friends at $5.00 each plus shipping, or buy them in an order size of 24 or more at a wholesale price for your fund raiser.

We will make a donation to help turtles, and you sell the bottle to raise money!


Check out our first turtle sponsorship, her name is Cruz and she was tagged in Tortuguero, Costa Rica in July 2013. You can track where she has been going by checking the Turtle Tracker on the website of the Sea Turtle Conservancy.


Here are some interesting facts about these majestic ocean voyagers.


The Good Facts:


  1. Turtles have been on he earth for over 110 million years, and can live for over 100 years.
  2. They can travel thousands of miles in search of food, and nesting sites, crossing entire oceans many times throughout their long lifespan.
  3. Most females will return to the beach of their birth when they are mature enough to lay eggs.
  4. Turtles need to surface to breath air, but will remain in the ocean their entire lives except coming to shore to lay eggs.
  5. The Leatherback is the largest turtle of them all and it can reach a size of about 1'300 pounds!


The Bad Facts:


  1. There are only seven different types of sea turtles, and all are either seriously threatened, or listed as endangered.
  2. The majority of all threats to turtles are man made. They and their eggs are used for food. Garbage in the ocean can be mistaken for food, and they can be tangled in loose rope or nets.
  3. Turtle shells are used for jewelry and decorations, even if they are endangered.
  4. Fishing nets and lines kill hundreds of thousands of turtle annually. They are caught by accident.
  5. The worst fact of all is that the behaviour and activities of man is the main reason for the constant decline of turtles in the worlds oceans, and will remain so until there is positive change.


More Information Coming Soon!


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