Are you looking to offset your carbon footprint? Would you like to use more sustainable products in your business? Reduce your plastic waste, reuse your bottle, and advertise using Jungle Jugs!

If your business or group is looking for the best possible tool to use for the eco benefits as well as getting some advertising millage, then your custom logo on a Jungle Jug is the perfect water bottle for you.

The Jungle Jug program gives back to the environment for you by planting trees in Costa Rica. We plant trees in the Ecological Corridor between Mirravales and Tenorio Volcanoes in the province of Guanacaste (the home base of the Jungle Jug). This is a project taking place throughout the year that we are committed to doing in support of both the environment, and our clients.

With every order of bottles purchased, we send out a thank you email certificate that shows how your support is helping make a difference.

New this year, we have started a turtle sponsorship project also. To help support the oceans and the creatures in them, we will be donating to help those working in turtle research and preservation in Tortuguero Costa Rica. Check out the latest turtle info in the Jungle Jug News section!

When you see a Jungle Jug, you are seeing not just a bottle, but an effort to make change for the better.

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