Upon our first visit to Costa Rica in 1999 we fell in love with the country. The flora and fauna was incredible, the people friendly, and the diversity of the country overwhelming.

After several more vacations we decided it was time to start looking for a place to call home. In 2006 we found a perfect little cabina in the mountains of Guanacaste with million dollar views. Three more years of living the rat race of Toronto did it and in 2009 we made the final plunge, packed our bags and moved full time to Costa Rica.

Now that we had arrived it was time to figure out what to do in this wonderful new country. During our travels we had noticed how much bottled water tourists consume, leaving all that plastic behind for our landfill sites or the limited recycling programs. In an effort to give back to this amazing country we decided to create a bottle that is not only re-usable, but biodegradable (thanks to the amazing technology of D2w) as well. In December of 2010 our first Jungle Jug came to be, and we haven't looked back since.

Thank you for your interest in the Jungle Jug program - the smart alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Helping us save the planet one bottle at a time!

"Made in the shade for Planet Earth in Costa Rica"

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