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What are Jungle Jugs?

Our environmentally friendly bottle is named the Jungle Jug because it was born in the jungle of Costa Rica. All our bottles and caps are manufactured, printed, packaged, and shipped from Costa Rica, one of the greenest countries on the planet.

Jungle Jugs are 600 ml reusable/biodegradable water bottles that have a usable life span of 36-42 months. They feature a sturdy screw off cap to provide easy cleaning. They are made with thick walls to be extremely tough. Lets face it, it you want to be sustainable and environmentally friendly you should be able to use your bottles for their expected lifespan and not have a product that is only good for the length of your guests stay or visit right?

Jungle Jugs are made in a bright glossy "Pearl" finish that will make your logo stand out to be seen. (See our Technical page for more info)
The focus of our Jungle Jug program has always been our customer service. Mainly to provide all sizes of businesses a product that they can use to help lessen the environmental impact of disposable bottles, so we have custom water bottle packages available in sizes as low as 50 bottles delivered right to your door. This makes us the perfect choice for special events or small size businesses. Jungle Jugs are always inspected by hand to ensure the highest quality control possible, to ensure you get the bottles that you are paying for. You can't be sustainable if you're throwing stuff away! So here is the summary.

Jungle Jugs are high quality reusable water bottles, made in the shade for planet earth, in Costa Rica, delivered to your door.

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